Injured woman feeling bad after having a car crash

Being in a car accident is traumatic. Even if you have not sustained any injuries from the car crash there are still  many future headaches in your future. Insurance companies, repair shops, or the police department will all want a significant amount of your time and a little piece of your sanity. Advantage Towing & Recovery can help take some of the burden of your shoulders. We will tow your vehicle to our secured storage lot and help you through the process of getting back on the road. We have decades of experience in dealing with insurance companies after a vehicle crash. We know how to navigate the sea of confusing rules and paperwork that the insurance companies will throw at you. Advantage Towing & Recovery will tow the wreck and then help you get your check. Call us from the scene or if your vehicle has already been towed home and now you need a place to store the wrecked vehicle until the insurance claim is finalized. With your vehicle at our secure auto storage facility, we can help make sure it is made available for the claims adjusters and help you navigate the claims process. Call us at 502-551-7651 with any questions as to how we can help you get your check after the wreck.

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